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CROSSLINKERis focused on helping the industry by filling the gaps that exist due to data overload. Precise information is critical in identifying career goals, research goals, funding goals, investment goals, promotional goals, and identifying the next Nobel laureate in the institution, company, or organization.

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Genuine information is still not readily accessible to a less accomplished public. While talent could be found in hidden deep pocketed regions, the lack of information to such talent becomes a bottleneck in their development. We at CROSSLINKER pledge to bring deeply hidden information to hard-to-reach people and places. Consider CROSSLINKER as a philanthropist company that would like to help those who want to make a positive contribution and impact in human society. The concept of CROSSLINKER was coined by a high school student with the vision to make this data-driven world safer & secure that offers life-transforming information accessible to every part of the globe. Too much information creates confusion and therefore having precise information will be critical. We therefore call CROSSLINKER – a precision technology™company.


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